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Although I could not play on the golf team , due to double sessions at high schools ,I still played as a junior member at Goodwin Park in Hartford , CT.  It was a great experience , I mostly played with hardworking middle class guys that really appreciated playing with me . Every Saturday and Sunday they played the "Birdie Train" It is still played today {2012} and was a lot of fun with a good chance to win some cash . You paid $5.00 or $10.00 to play and you got paired with an A-B-C-D players for a best ball event for 18 holes . I was always an A player and you would not know who your partner were until you played 9 holes or more . Many characters played every week such as : Paul "the mouth" DeFasio , CCarl "Babe" Capobianco Sr. , Norm "Mr. Steady" Shiembob , Bob "The Bomber" Bukowski , Mike "The Hungarian" Aux , Herb "The Arrow" Frankel , Bobby "Mr. One Putt" Capobianco, John "I can not hit a wedge " Bergandahl , Rodger "the Dodger" , Jim I will bet anyone "Goshdigian", Willie "The Mechanic" Pinto , Johnny "Will you play with me" Holden , Joe "Iwill play with anyone" Gainan , Bobby "I can not hit it " Tyska , Kenny "You got a game " Vinci , Rob "The Mailman" Conway , Bob "I can not count " Tabshay , Dave "One Eyed " Goshdigian , Ron "the Organizer " Koczyra , and Phil " Gas Station " Hughes , etc, . The " Birdie Train" was a great learning experience and proved to me that i could play for $ and win


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